Pupils get help from Balloonatic for surprise gifts for mums

As you know we love getting involved with our community and especially when it’s helping out children to surprise their Mum’s on Mother’s Day! We teamed up with The Sheerness Times Guardian and the My Mum supplement – we offered to supply a balloon to each student in one of the classes of the winning school. This year it was West Minster County Primary School in St. George’s Avenue. So on Friday afternoon we sent the boss (Christine) off to present the balloons to Lily Class.

Published in The Sheerness Times & Guardian – Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Twenty-eight mum were given an unexpected lift when their children went home with a Happy Mother’s Day balloon, thanks to the Time Guardian. We teamed up with Balloonatic to sing the surprises on youngsters at West Minster County Primary School in St. George’s Avenue, Sheerness, on Friday (24th March 2017).

Head teacher Hazel Brewer selected pupils of Lily Class because they had the best attendance record.

Sam Gillham, who manages Balloonatic’s shop in Russell Street, Sheerness, said: “We were happy to help out. Hard-working mums deserve a treat from time to time.”


It was great to see the students faces as I walked in with the bunch of balloons, I would have loved to see the Mum’s faces as their children walked out of school with a surprise Mother’s Day balloon.

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