Corporate Events

by Balloonatic

Businesses can celebrate too.

In fact, here at Balloonatic we think businesses should celebrate much more often and at every given opportunity.

Remember, most new businesses fail within a year, so if you’re a young business, every birthday is cause for celebration, and a great reminder to your customers of how you are there for them.

If you’re more established, there is even more to celebrate – a milestone birthday or anniversary; a new store opening; receiving an award or recognition; showcasing a new product, acknowledging an employee’s outstanding service or simply saying ‘thank you’ to your employees.

Of course, you can use balloons to help your clients celebrate too – how about a balloon for your first customer, your tenth, your fiftieth, your thousandth – or, even your millionth? Who wouldn’t celebrate that?

Of course, for all these occasions, we’ll have the perfect balloon, balloon bouquet or balloon arrangement that will send the message you want.

We can deliver balloons in a box and balloon bouquets to special employees and customers you want to reward or recognise.

We can custom print balloons for employee awards, client giveaways, promotions and just general fun.

We can supply and build balloon arches, balloon pillars and large balloon arrangements to decorate your shop, meeting room, premises or chosen venue. We also supply chair covers for the more sophisticated corporate events.

We can supply balloon releases to mark the start or end of a big event, or balloons to decorate your exhibition stand, or to give away to stand visitors. We can even print your name, logo and stand number on your balloons, so that the whole exhibition knows you are there, and where to find you. If you want to make it interactive, we can supply inflating equipment too.

Whatever the reason your business has to celebrate, let Balloonatic find a balloon for you.

Do you need help with your corporate event?

We take care of everything and supply balloon decor, chair cover, bunting and table linen hire